Thursday, January 30, 2014


Saw some AMAZING home ideas today at

Added a few to my wishlist - yes it will happen someday people!

Totally drooling over this

In my next house may be...

Stairs bookshelf yall! 

The last few are not on the wishlist but make it for their sheer ingenuity

Creepy but clever

A pain to clean up but I can feel the cool sand under my toes just looking at it

Not for the queasy 

How adorable :))

Rain makes music through these pipes

Should try this..

Monday, January 27, 2014

Time flies and So do Butterflies :P

Some people find butterflies creepy
I sometimes fall in that category
Especially when they are in a swarm

But of late Ive been seeing some really cute projects on pinterest

Somehow it seems butterfly wall art has a life of its own
Robust and full of energy
Like the butterflies can unswirl at any moment and spill out of the art and land on your face

Img from pinterest

or am I being too dramatic!

Tried something on a smaller scale in Mikis bedroom using scrap book paper and hot glue

Plan to do this soon...




Its that time of the week
when I have the day off
and I am itching to try something new

U see there's every opportunity to laze on the couch and just watch TV
But ofcourse the compulsive self has to be productive

Thus tried my hand at stencilling - from scratch!

Got this Indian/ Moroccan pattern from pinterest

Tried making a stencil with one specially tough cardboard and gave up

Then ripped off the back cardstock of a letter head and got into action

Found a spare wall that was begging for some subtle effect

Saw this idea of gloss on matte effect on the beautiful "whatsurhomestory" blog by +Vidya Sukumaran

Vidya's is ofcourse prettier :)


Gloss white on matte white pattern

Whats the verdict ;)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Few more doodles from the House of Palaparthi..

Hussain's horses stuck in a web?! 

My rendering of the three musicians

and a few more on the way

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dining room chairs

Im happy im happy im happy im..

Got myself some Hans Wagner loouve...

Reproduction they might be but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do :p

Ashwood and PU leather

 What do u think?

Rest room signage

Ive been planning to put up some sort of signage for the toilet doors since all dors at home look alike! ( Not the best of situations when u have guests!)

Didnt want to buy anything

Saw this awfully cute sign on google ( dont have the link sorry..)

and made this..

Corrugated foam..Isnt it just adorable if I may say so myself ; )
Not a fan of the ikea colours though :)