Thursday, February 27, 2014

A beautiful makeover

I discovered  +Reshma Sanjeev 's blog via +Vidya Sukumaran 's blog when she featured Reshma's son's bedroom.
It was awe from the word go!

She is a neat DIY er as you will discover when you visit her blog and has an awesome eye for colour and staging. Her impeccability is something I aspire to since I sometimes(!) get lazy and do a hodge podge of stuff.

I really enjoyed her living room reveal as I did her powder room and her striped walls!

Featured below are a few of my favourite spaces

She painted her existing living room in grey which instantly added an element of chic dont u think?

Love the colours! Bright and modern

Son's room

One of my favourites, total DIY of her powder room

You can check out how she earned her stripes here ;)

and more on her blog here!
Hope you enjoyed the tour and Reshma, thanks for the constant inspiration :)