Friday, October 17, 2014

There's hope!

Something close to my heart..

This is a small animation I made to get young minds aware of the situation and not brush it under the carpet.

Something else that Im very passionate about is gender equality and rights of a girl child. My beautiful daughter Mihika and I made this animation to highlight a seemingly innocuous practice of feeding our boys more, which is actually the basest forms of inequality.

Please watch and disseminate if you agree with it!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Emily henderson

I have a new crush!
I came across +Emily Henderson's blog while slobbering over pictures of eclectic decor. A lot of you are already regular readers of her blog, in case of which, you can move on :p

I remember seeing the blog earlier before but I hadnt bookmarked it at that  time. With this new found love for everything colourful, I have been consuming all her posts voraciously!

Her house is as pretty as her! Bright cheery and colourful. They are in the process of refurbishing the whole place and I cant wait to see how it turns out!

Here are a few pics of her projects. You can check out her blog  here. Im sure you will enjoy it thoroughly!

Her tips on how to incoporate colour into a neutral space really made a lot of sense to me while I was doing up my living room recently.

Do check out her blog for more!

Global eclectic

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I was itching to try a colourful eclectic living room.
As I was researching ( ogling at the multitude of images on google and houzz) I came across Emily hendersons's blog and I was blown away!

More about her in future posts

The global eclectic bug bit me on the butt alright!

My mom's dupatta has been downgraded to being used as a runner. Thank God she doesnt read the blog.

The Egyptian cat has seen better days I tell u! Its neck was broken and my resourceful helper had tried to fix it using craft glue? The pink collar is just camouflage :p

Hastily spray painted vase in turquoise :P

The painting outside is a family DIY six years ago using oils and a credit card ( Ya we didint have a palette knife so we quickly learned to improvise)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have always wanted to try a colourful eclectic style of decorating but never really had the guts.
Ive decided Im going to let caution to the wind and dive head first!

Found some inspiration off the net but any ideas from readers are most welcome :)

My all time favourite is Naomi's loft which I saw a few months ago while browsing through Houzz. Wow! the girl loves colour and how!

Her ikea hack of a TV console is a keeper.

A beautiful makeover

I discovered  +Reshma Sanjeev 's blog via +Vidya Sukumaran 's blog when she featured Reshma's son's bedroom.
It was awe from the word go!

She is a neat DIY er as you will discover when you visit her blog and has an awesome eye for colour and staging. Her impeccability is something I aspire to since I sometimes(!) get lazy and do a hodge podge of stuff.

I really enjoyed her living room reveal as I did her powder room and her striped walls!

Featured below are a few of my favourite spaces

She painted her existing living room in grey which instantly added an element of chic dont u think?

Love the colours! Bright and modern

Son's room

One of my favourites, total DIY of her powder room

You can check out how she earned her stripes here ;)

and more on her blog here!
Hope you enjoyed the tour and Reshma, thanks for the constant inspiration :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Some post recycling happening as I just noticed these after a long time!

Tissue roll owls I made long time ago.
I find Owls in any form cute! For that matter any abstract animal pattern ( hmm idea for a new post)

Card stock owl decorated by sharpie and metallic markers

Lattice love

I have a soft corner for lattice work
Specially when it either covers or replaces windows.

At home we achieved it by fluke ;)

Jaipur cut work blankets against skylights in the living room- DIY by husband

Check out the lovely pattern it throws on the adjacent wall

Im dying to try these gorgeous laser cut wood panels but I really need a good carpenter ( and a healthy bank balance. So, yeah).  Check this out, u slide them on to the plain wall and they become instant wall art !

Isnt this gorgeous?? Fateh pur Sikri tomb

So simple yet beautiful

Hmm why not on the ceiling? May be in a mediterranean climate..

Love love love this. May be when we have a bigger house. what? one can always dream.

Paint a picture

The first time I saw +Chandan Dubey 's blog, I had a fleeting moment of intense house envy.
Its one thing to decorate your house in a riot of "Indian" colours and artefacts.
Its another to do it so subtly by introducing some colour here, some art there, to a modern but quintessentially Indian palatte.

That is what I loved about her home.

Her photography deserves a special mention coz most of her pictures are like paintings. I specially love her Goa series coz they are dripping with colour. Turquoise is ubiquitous in Goan decor as we all know. It happens to be my favourite colour as well!

Saw this beautiful picture here.

It translated into this..

pastels on scrap book paper

Monday, February 24, 2014

Blog feature

I got my home featured for the first time in the wonderful +Shalini Pereira's blog. I had written to her asking  if I could be a part of her "My space my style feature" and she graciously obliged!

Shalini is an Interior designer and architectural consultant. She runs her own firm and has quite a few projects in her kitty. U can check out her blog at

My home is featured here.
Thank you once again Shalini for letting me play designer, a dream that I live vicariously :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dining table clean up

Yay I varnished it I varnished it!

My dining table is rather special. The bargain hunter that I am, I love it more coz I bought it on ebay for 80 dollars!
It came with two benches when I bought it 4 years ago which I later handed down to my brother when he relocated here.

My intial plan was to stain it a lighter shade to match the current dining chairs. But since it is already a very dark shade, the guy at homefix told me it needed to be sanded bare using a machine.

Well since I wanted to do it myself, I had to settle for varnishing it for now.

After cleaning it and sanding it down twice with the help of my very effecient helper..

This is what it looks like now...

I am pretty pleased :)