Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Feature wall

The ugly bar cabinet that inhabits most of my living room space has been slated for dismantling ever since we laid our eyes on it when we first saw our place. The previous owner was obviously a man of the world and really enjoyed his drink. In our household, drinking is synonymous with entertaining, neither of which happens at regular intervals.
The idea is to dismantle the eye sore of a cabinet and in its place add a tidy little feature wall.  Ive been shopping around for ideas and ofcourse the friendly internet is always there to help.

I liked a few ideas...Let's see if we could agree on one :) ( Not that I can afford all of them.. but hey! who says I cant dream)

"This wall is made of hand applied real silver leaf with an antique glaze on 3/4" MDF panels. The panels are applied to the wall with finishing nails and liquid nails and the nail holes are hidden by the applied walnut moldings that are applied between the panels"
Contemporary Living Room by Miami Interior Designer Arnold Schulman Design Group

Absolutely love this idea- reminds me of cots we had at home when I was little.

Couldnt resist this one

If only...

Isnt the whole white on white gorgeous?!!

So what if I was just day dreaming? It was all worth the weight in drool..