Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pretty things

I love all things pretty. My husband thinks I am a bit of a magpie. But I insist I only collect things that are unique. I never go for 'designer ' pieces. I dont mind paying more for a local artisan for his raw unfettered creativity. But I draw the line at self indulgent, 'exclusive' 'works of art'.
I love natural materials- wood, wrought iron, bamboo, natural textiles. These are a few from my 'collection' Hope u like them too.

Indian version of a Trojan horse I guess! Wrought iron

The stem is pieces of what looks like drift wood glued together

Cats are supposed to bring luck according to Chinese belief. These look cute as well!

Tribal art

Wrought iron and ceramic candle holder

I like Buddhas in all shapes and sizes :)

2 dollar ceramic ? book ends- I spray painted them yellow- and Im using them in the other balcony. Are'nt they cute?

Turquoise teapot

Game for Mancala?

Or opium?!

Took a walk on the beach

Im blessed to have the sea so close by home. On my days off - usually wednesdays, when my daughter and husband have left for school and work repectively, when I have the whole house to myself, when I have the luxury of choice- to either sit down with a cup of coffee, or go pottering around in the patio garden, or ditch those two options and take a quick walk to the beach. I did just that yesterday morning. Armed with my Iphone playing AR Rahman, I briskwalked to the beach, taking in the sun, the colours, the ocassional lovers stealing kisses on a weekday rendezvous. Managed to capture some of it as well ( tsk tsk! not the lovers, naughty u!)

Not bad for a phone camera! Sigh! I love my phone :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Arm chair fetish

I confess I love beautiful chairs. Even better if they come in soft, fluffy, cushy textures.

Exposed Wood Arm Chairs: Barrow, Marjorette Garden. Arm Chairs: Robert Allen, Ikat Fret Bronze

Love the pattern. I saw something like this in Cellini.

What fun! Instant personality to any room.

I think I secretly like Ikat- quadrille ikat fabric

Backs of the chair as just as pretty!

Laura Kirar dining arm chair

Love the ones in bamboo finish

Freeport Arm Chair- inspired by the French and Vietnamese pieces of the 1930s

Saarinen ergonomic Arm Chair

Laro arm chair- Walnut frame, hand-tied coil spring seat, french spring, feather down envelope
Multi Kilim Arm Chair
How gorgeous is this!- Iliad Chair, Blossom Marigold

Wicker fun!

Love the golden hues!Loden Lounge Arm Chair

Thats all for now folks!

Black and white

There is something very classic about black and white. You can play it anyway you like. Leave it as it is or add a pop of contrast. It can be modern, quirky, eclectic all with just a touch of clour.

This is the picture that started my tryst with design when I was trying a do over of my living room. I remember I spray painted everything short of my couch black and white, so much so my family started teasing me that I should paint all of them too!

This is an example where the whole look can change from classy to quirky with just a revamp of accssories

Again my favourite combo- with pastel blue

Love the black and white stripe on the wall

what a luxury in the bathroom!

Eye catching!

Another of those black white and yellow combos


Wow! I would love to try this once! Tangerine is this? The wall art is by Sara Abalan NY.

Wide plank dark wood wenge floor is the clincher here

Modern Living Room design by Houston Architect Allen Bianchi

These are just a few! Any of your favourite black and white you want to add?

Before after

We recently bought a penthouse unit in a a very lush green neighbourhood, just a stone's throw away from the beach. The interiors were quite tastefully done by the previous owner- but a bit too modern for my liking. So I added more fabric and texture to the palette. The patio was in bad shape, with ferns coming out from all crevices. Thanks to my dad, we pulled out everything by root and added much needed colour and life to it.

The patio before

The patio after

The hall/ living room before

Thats not me at the door!

The Living room after

Chair before
This dusty dark brown chair was reupholstered using this golden mustard textile which goes much better with my interiors.

Added a persian rug under the blocks

 The niche before

The niche after

The balcony before

The after

What do you think :)