Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bathroom reveal

The idea was to give my daughter's bathroom an ethnic colourful update as I was quite bored with the previous white and gray minimalist look.

The initial plan of painting the tile in Jewel tones was eschewed after finding out how laborious tile painting could be and how ephemeral.

But I was itching to cover up the bland white tiles greeting me everytime I sat on the throne.

Meet my 2 dollar a pack of 12 rectangular wood blocks.

Just a spray of metallic gold and voila!

I had bought some pretty fabric from Spotlight the previous day.

This was cut and decoupaged onto the face of the blocks.


 My pretty pretty blocks!

Now Something about the decoupage glue. I actually used modpodge as the first coat,  followed by a home made version.

Tapioca starch and water boiled together! ( I remember my mother getting her lovely cotton sarees starched and sundried on the terrace)


This viscous goo actually does a good job of decoupage but on certain surfaces , u still need to use a basecoat of modpodge as its not sticky enough once it dries

I then cut out pieces of the same fabric to cover up the blue tiles around the mirror. Starch did the  job here



The decoupaged rectangles were stuck to the wall using - sorry I forget the name- Its a powdery tooth paste like glue- could be epoxy.

Lined the mirror with a decorative 'Zari' border

The towel holder was promptly changed

Even the wooden cow I got from the UK got a Desi update ;)

The toilet roll holder wasnt spared either

Borrowed my daughter's glitter glue to face lift an old starburst

My decoupaged lotus on cork board found a place on the vanity shelf door ....

....and the decoupaged tray for the toiletries

Table runner used as a curtain, just for my indulgence :)

Lastly I changed the lighting from incandescent white to a warm yellow.

Im unable to get a good pic of the overall makeover but I have managed to satisfy a very important client - my daughter :)

Thank you +Patricia Torres  Patricia  for the link party :)