Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New buys

Bought this lovely rug from Jaypore

Didnt have the heart to use it on the floor though...The thought of shoes trampling this lovely piece of work bothers me at an organic level :P

Decided to use it as a throw...

I was like a kid on christmas day when it arrived :))

I must admit, it looked brighter on the website. I imagined it to be softer and the threads to be in silk.

It did appear dusty and weathered, especially under the warm tone lights in my house, despite the very thoughtful packaging. But I realised the wheatish background was responsible for this.

Was a tad disappointed but I really appreciate the amount of hard work and talent that has gone into making this lovely piece.

Bought these gorgeous ear rings as well - these are indeed gorgeous in real life as welll!

I was asked where I got them by almost all the women I met that day

Check out Jaypore ..they have some good stuff

( Only I wish they were paying me for saying this :))

....and a few more

"Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave and grow old wanting to get back to"

I must be getting old..

" Theres nothing half so pleasant as coming home again"

My daughter's valentine gift for me!

It is indeed my birth place, ratified by memory

Hope you enjoyed the pics. I love looking into peoples let me know if Icould see yours :)