Friday, April 12, 2013

They were framed

I have the patience of a two year old.

The art of framing has managed to highlight that yesterday.

But my love for framed art far supercedes my frustration of an imperfect job

So I toiled...

Found these lovely  paper serviettes at a stationery shop ( in Singapore!! - Indian design is indeed in!)

Dont they make a gorgeous backdrop for my Batik lady?

My doodled fish finds a sea of lotuses and marigold to swim in :)

Remnants of a Patchwork bedsheet for my new art

Can u guess what this is...

Yes! A paper plate to border my tribal man and woman
And yes you observant one, they are earrings!

This piece has been a butt of a good number of jokes from family referencing my love for Indian jewelley designs

I am not deterred

A simple frame renders the humble Kalamkari into a piece of art

And another..