Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Doll house

Growing up, we didnt have a lot of fancy things around the house. Living in a small town entailed learning to improvise quickly. Since ours was a kind of joint family with grand parents and cousins living under the same roof, we had our share of the good the bad and the ugly.

 Even though gifts from 'forin returned aunties' were treasured a teeny bit more than our own hand made mud pies and brick houses, we quickly learnt the ephemeral nature of the former.

Thats why Im so happy when my darling girl started making her own doll house with cardboard boxes!

Being the neatness freak I am , I must admit I was initially horrified at the idea of grubby boxes littering her tiny room. I came around fast enough considering how much fun I had when I was her age making inane things out of mud and cardboard.

 This really innovative gal called Jamie Petitio has put up hundreds of videos on DIY stuff and my daughter religiously tries out everything Jamie has to offer.

Mikis dollhouse DIY

Miki made this using an old pillow

Doll closet with shoe box
pipe cleaners fo hangers!

Persian it may not be, creative it is !


Needless to say I was smitten too!So Miki and I sat down in the patio to make our very own perfume that wouldve made Tapputi proud!

We only used stuff around the house- jasmine, lime, basil,mint from the garden, cardomom, star anise, cinnamon from the kitchen and ofcourse sunflower oil. On hindsight, olive oil wouldve been a better choice but Im happy to report it smells good after steeping for 1 week in the dark.

Miki doesnt want to use it now since she says the smell of sun flower oil is overpowering! So I tinkered it a bit, added some of my precious rose oil to pass muster. I will probably use it as a cuticle oil or something equally fancy! But I know for sure that whenever I smell a mixture of kitchen spices and jasmine, I would only remember the great time I had with my daughter playing the perfume maker :)