Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Accent wall

The DIY bug bit me a while ago and I've been making full use of the incubation period.

As I was saying in my last post, the ugly bar cabinet was slated to go.

You can see the mirrored cabinet at the far end of the room ( behind my cute daughter, u can also catch my reflection trying to capture the moment)

The initial plan was to do an accent wall or get a professional to put wall paper till I finalised on something. However my  frenetic passion for DIY would have none of that. Husband was only too happy coz the helpful handyman quoted a whopping $ 1200 to paint and lay the wall paper.

After months of procrastinating, We ( I ) finally decided on the date to have it removed.

In just under 3 hours, the helpful handyman  and his team expertly unhinged  the eye sore door to door.

He then handed over the naked wall to me and left with a pocket full of cash.

It was now at the mercy of my vagaries.

I cleaned it lovingly and thoroughly.

I moulded putty into all the ugly cracks and crevices

I should've sanded and primed it but you see I was too impatient. I would regret this folly much later

I proceeded to paint it a light powdery blue

I had earlier ordered a lovely paisley wall decal from The best part was I could customise it to any colour. I chose gold because turquoise/ light blue and gold is my all time favourite combo.

Four gruelling hours and a broken back later, I must say I am quite happy with the tranformation. My cute daughter and patient helper helped me put up the smaller decals.

Those of you who have tried their hand at wall decals know how frustrating it can get sometimes, especially with intricate designs. 

The afore mentioned folly of not priming the wall promptly came back and bit me in the rear.

The paint started peeling with the stcker and in few places the decal wont stick flat to the surface. Thankfully this was in the niche wall that was not facing outside.

All in all I must say I am happy with the end result ( for now).