Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A cornucopia of colours

I am on an Indian spree right now! As I am going through all those lovely Indian decor blogs out there, ( Rang decor, An Indian summer, Celebrations decor to name a few) I am amazed at the talent and wealth of culture in India. So Im rummaging around the house for all things Indian and putting them under the spotlight again, so to speak!

Jewellery box that sits in my shelf! My daughter admonished me the other day for buying 'totally useless objects'

Hand painted post card - how retro!

Had bought some lovely stuff from Jaipur six years when we went on a holiday. We had stayed at the majestic Neemrana fort.

Unfortunately that meant we were a long way away from the hustle and bustle of Jaipur.

Cut work bedsheet - now being used as a screen panel for the skylights! Love the shadows!

The chest is actually Indonesian on which I painted some flowers
Cut work table runner- admire the love and patience of the artisan women!

Just frame a pattern to you like - voila! an art piece!

Are'nt these door stoppers cute?

Kalamkari back panel - once a part of my dress! (Is'nt the husband cute ?!)

My daughter was about three and just about developing a personality. Shopping naturally took a back seat- which I regret to this day. The last day of the vacation was alloted for my retail therapy and that meant I was running around like a headless chicken most of the time!

Got conned by the taxi driver into buying everything at twice the price on the first day. Ya NRI and all.
But managed to bring back some treasures. 

We even got a heavy wooden Jharokha shipped all the way to Singapore. We are yet to put it up coz I havent found a suitable spot for this massive peice. It could also be because I havent found nails heavy duty enough to hold it!

Told you I have a thing for boxes :)