Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Saw this here

Was struck by the colours, the peace it exuded

Tried it with my pastels

The Sufi Dervish whirl - The Sema ritual began with the inspiration of Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi (1207-1273) and was influenced by Turkish customs and culture.

"By revolving in harmony with all things in nature -- with the smallest cells and with the stars in the firmament -- the semazen testifies to the existence and the majesty of the Creator, thinks of Him, gives thanks to Him, and prays to Him. In so doing, the semazen confirms the words of the Qur'an (64:1): Whatever is in the skies or on earth invokes God. "

Dont you feel a sense of calm and peace looking at the photograph?