Monday, February 3, 2014

A Spa birthday party was had..

Miki turned ten on Jan 9 this year. Isnt it amazing how much you grow after becoming a parent?
Its the easiest job to mess up isint it!!
Every day you learn something new about yourself just by the virtue of being a parent.

So as tradition went, we celebrated the 9th of Jan in India at her grand parent's place. Naturally we had to celebrate again with her friends just so the Universe could maintain order.

Hence it was decided we would have a  spa themed party, what with Miki being a pre teen and all ( who comes up with this stuff?!!)

And so  the whole of last week saw us scampering for ideas
We finally managed to rummage through various blogs and decided on a few.
I must say people are CREATIVE !!

Preparations took up the whole of last week
Like planning the menu, activities and shopping for supplies

It was the Chinese new year weekend and that meant most shops were closed for the holiday for three days and we had to stock up supplies before hand like craft supplies for activities, food and giveaways.
Most of my 'free time' at work was spent personalising giveaways and more shopping.

Finally THE  day arrived and so did the girls, all squealy and excited.
They were proudly shown around our small aprtment by the young hostess before they all made a bee line to the jacuzzi ( ya very grown up!!)

Ribena was served in plastic wine goblets and there was a lot of clinking heard therafter ;)

Cold towels served as a respite from the late afternoon sun- It was thankfully a gorgeous sunny day

They spent about an hour in the warm waters before getting back to their squealing selves.

The girls each got a pair of spa slippers and a water bottle to keep them cool

Having graduated from the jacuzzi with flying towels

They proceeded to the pool for some more fun of marco polo

More shower fun and dressing up later, they had their fill of parantha and butter chicken and ofcourse some gorgeous red velvet cup cakes.

After that they sat down to make their own beauty supplies-

Lip balm with vaseline,  eye shadow and food colour

Body glitter with unscented cream,cosmetic gold dust and a few drops of aromatic oil'

Bath salts with rock salt, food colour and food essence/ aromatic oil

The girls decorated their personalised lip balm and body glitter containers with glitter pens, Washi tape and sequins

We even tried to make our own bracelet cuffs with ice cream sticks
Sorry I have no pics of that

First You need to soak the ice cream sticks in warm water for about 48 hours (YUP!)
When they begin to get soft, try gently bending them into a C shape
You put this C shaped cuff into a glass tumbler for a couple of hours to hold the shape
Voila! U have your cuff!

We had done a fruit and yogurt creamsicle ( Blend a cup of strawberry yoghurt, 2 bananas, and some raspberries, add honey and freeze in popsicle molds) but they didnt set in time for the party. We shouldve done them atleast 24 hours before. Never mind that,

It was a fun packed birthday party and the girls had a blast !