Monday, February 10, 2014

Chevron pillow case

With an overdose of the ubiquitous Chevron pattern on pinterest, blogger, instagram and various other places, I swore I would never have anything to do with it. But what fun is it if you dont break your own resolution!

I was in the middle of doing a grey and yellow living room when the Aha! moment happened. I just happened to have an old kurta which I hadnt worn for the longest time. So naturally it had to be revamped.

Sometimes my husband accuses me of the opposite of hoarding. I dispose off of anything I havent used in the previous six months. His clothes usually fall prey more often than mine. May be he has a point ;)

Had an old chair cushion which was soft and pliable. I bent it in half and sewed the ends together to make a sort of lumbar pillow. It is firm yes, but probably not the most comfortable I must confess.

I then cut the bottom part of the kurta- which is roughly a square cloth and sewed three edges to make the cover.

Havent decided on how to fasten the cushion though..for now I just folded the ends inside the pillow.
Very amateurish I know.

Will put up pictures of the living room soon..