Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Buddha head

I remembered I never really gave a breakdown of my spray painted Buddha head on my living room wall

Its been two years since I did it and the pictures are not optimal, but what the heck, here it goes..

The nice husband had got me - get this- 50 shades of spray paint as a birthday gift two years ago :)
Ya he knows me well..

The wall is about 12x10 ft
cleaned it first with damp cloth

I did not do primer coz I was feeling lazy..I know it will bite my behind sometime.

Painted it matte black after taping off the edges

Let it dry thoroughly

I downloaded a picture of a Buddha head I liked from the internet

I did a free hand of the head with gold spray paint first. I figured if it didnt work, I can always paint over it.

Fortunately I fluked and managed to get a decent image on the wall ( yeah first timers luck and all)

I used three shaded of gold- metallic, matte and bronze

Once the image was on, the only thing left to do was to play around with the shading

Some gold here some black there to tease out the features

Finally added a ring of turquoise coz my all time favourite combo is turquoise and gold - ya how decadent!

And Voila!