Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pretty things

I love all things pretty. My husband thinks I am a bit of a magpie. But I insist I only collect things that are unique. I never go for 'designer ' pieces. I dont mind paying more for a local artisan for his raw unfettered creativity. But I draw the line at self indulgent, 'exclusive' 'works of art'.
I love natural materials- wood, wrought iron, bamboo, natural textiles. These are a few from my 'collection' Hope u like them too.

Indian version of a Trojan horse I guess! Wrought iron

The stem is pieces of what looks like drift wood glued together

Cats are supposed to bring luck according to Chinese belief. These look cute as well!

Tribal art

Wrought iron and ceramic candle holder

I like Buddhas in all shapes and sizes :)

2 dollar ceramic ? book ends- I spray painted them yellow- and Im using them in the other balcony. Are'nt they cute?

Turquoise teapot

Game for Mancala?

Or opium?!