Monday, January 28, 2013

My Fave

This is a fresco I painted on my living room wall using spray paint. It took me about 2 hours to finish the whole thing free hand.The wall is about 10x10 ft.  I first painted the whole wall black before I started. I used metallic and solid gold spray paints for shading. Finished off with turquoise on the edge. What do you think?

This is my daughters room in - yes! turquoise. I love how the colour pops even in the smallest amounts. My husband helped me paint the walls in a pale powdery blue. We got the wall decal from - you can order them online. I chose chandelier decals in various sizes and stuck them at varoius places in the room. The bay window which serves as extra storage and seating opens to beautiful greenery in the back yard.

This is one of my fave nooks at home. Right next to the glass sliding room that leads to the patio. It gets just the right amount of morning sun streaming through the bamboo leaves. I sit down here with a cup of cofee and Houzz on my Ipad on days off, watching red palms in the patio swaying to the breeze.
My daughter and I love sitting on the teak swing in the evenings discussing the events of the day.
I love masks of all shapes and sizes. I have a few here in my diplay shelf. One from Bali, one from phuket- what a fun holiday that was! one from Egypt which my hubby painstakingly carried through customs, the gold Buddha head is from the UK - a gift from my sweet sister in law

We are blessed with 20 ft ceilings and humungous skylights. But you cant have too much of a good thing especially in scorching afternoons. So my very resourceful husband covered up the skylights using panels made from- guess what- bedcovers! This beautiful white patch work bedcover I bought from Jaipur was cut in two and using heavy duty glue and velcro, was mounted on the steel rim of the skylights. Not only does it sheild us from the hot sun, but the lovely pattern on the panels throws beautiful shadows on the wall when sunlight streams through it.

The other side was covered by bamboo blinds! that I bought from Giant for 10$ a piece. And imagine the contactor quoted us 1200 for covering them up!

My lovely back yard

Musical wind

This is just a glimpse of my house. Will put up more pics later on. Do you have any fun budget ideas for wall covering/ accessories etc?