Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Black and white

There is something very classic about black and white. You can play it anyway you like. Leave it as it is or add a pop of contrast. It can be modern, quirky, eclectic all with just a touch of clour.

This is the picture that started my tryst with design when I was trying a do over of my living room. I remember I spray painted everything short of my couch black and white, so much so my family started teasing me that I should paint all of them too!

This is an example where the whole look can change from classy to quirky with just a revamp of accssories

Again my favourite combo- with pastel blue

Love the black and white stripe on the wall

what a luxury in the bathroom!

Eye catching!

Another of those black white and yellow combos


Wow! I would love to try this once! Tangerine is this? The wall art is by Sara Abalan NY.

Wide plank dark wood wenge floor is the clincher here

Modern Living Room design by Houston Architect Allen Bianchi

These are just a few! Any of your favourite black and white you want to add?