Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gong Xi!

Its Chinese new year here and the festive red and yellow colours of the Lunar new year are all around! People in lovely silk Cheongsams, kids excitedly showing off their hang baos ( Gift packets filled with dollar notes- given by older members of the family)and oldies playing Mah jong ( traditional table game similar to the western rummy).

Chinese aesthetic dates as far back as 1500-1000 BC. Gleaming rosewood furniture takes centre stage with intricate mother of pearl inlays. Eventhough Im a fan of the latter, I really like the modern version. Traditionally there are four cateogories of chinese furniture, all formed during the Qing era- Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Suzhou.

 Modern twist to the traditional "cracked ice lattice"- used as railing- lovely!

The "Ruyi" character used in the yoke back chair is a sort of magic wand that offers the bearer his or her heart's desire!

Cute turquoise Foo Dog - supposed to be guardians and protectors
According to Chinese belief, Fish, in pairs symbolise marital happiness and fortune

Paintings or carvings of people on furniture are usually based either on historical or mythical characters. Popular depictions include the ‘Eight Immortals’, the white bearded god Shou (representing longevity) and the god of weath Tsai Shen (usually depicted holding a ‘ruyi’).

Butterflies are a symbol of longevity and marital happiness. Love the butterfly upholstery!

Bamboo is ubiquitous in Chinese decorating. Not surprising since its a Symbol of longevity

Mother of pearl panels - Cranes represent wisdom and are a symbol of the father / son relationship
The "curtain" is actually a fixed panel of resin
Love these doors!

Peony blossoms are a symbol of wealth, success and high rank

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Have a happy new year of the snake !