Friday, February 8, 2013

Odds and ends

Made this cardstock owl ( using the cardboard backs of used memo pads!) a few days ago- inspired by something I saw on someone's blog last year.
I dont know why but I absolutely love owl figures! They are so quirky! Never mind my mom thinks they are creepy..I have a few owl figurines in the house and they always manage to bring a smile to my lips. I guess its just that you can go beserk with the various ways you can draw the owl.
A housewarming gift from my dearest mom who knows my love for these quirky objects

Isnt she lovely! In enamel

Toilet roll owls - idea courtesy I think design sponge
My owl laid an egg :)

Spray painted this wooden holder metallic gold. A few of my favourite words :)

My love for turquoise sometimes makes me do mad things. Like spray painting furniture as well! 

My daughter and I made this together- she indeed is the light of my life!

Had Bought a lovely black resin Buddha from Phuket. It looked something like this...sorry dont have the original 'before' pic :P

Sanded it and applied light coats of blue acrylic and touched it up with gold polish. Doesnt it look antique? Yes Im a cheat!

My baby! Another DIY Im super proud of :)