Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick projects

It been raining incessantly for the last two weeks. Hate grey skies and wet floors. So I decided to cheer myself up with some before- after action.
Been super lazy of late and in no mood to start anything big. So took upon the easiest project! Spray paintig ofcourse!

Not bad eh?!

Got this silk photo frame 5 yrs ago and its seen better days. Didnt feel like discarding it coz I felt sentimental!

Cut out sleeves of my kurta adorn it now! Miki keeps a picture of her Ammamma and Tha always next to her bed. Im happy to add she is thrilled with the transformation :)

Had a plain black acrylic tray. Unleashed the creative juices.

Was'nt happy with part 1...

...Unleashed some more..

Permanent markers in metallic shades came in handy!

Felt bad for the poor hand gel. Made a jacket for it :)

AS you can guess I have been pretty bored ! Hey! But Im not complaining!